Make sure you have:
Grading Rubric.....possibe
copy 3-6 graphics and 2 pages of understandable information. from the internet.
Put copied information on the bottom and your own writing with pictures on the top.
Label the copied information "Copied from the internet" Site the website where you got it.
Study the material you copied and prepare yourself to summarize what you found out.
Type 3 paragraphs in your own words using only words you not cut and paste!

*need to copy referencial text from the internet and put it on the bottom

copy and paste info ..10
organization ..............5
3 paragraphs............10

Total points..............25

external image TEK-SUMMER-2_.jpgThe tree's you see in the back our pine tree's the bushes grow wild berry's and some the animals love to eat.
the mountain in the back is mount. kungii this picture was taken on a hill south of the picture this tundra is very full of life the deer eat the berry's off the tree's the squirrels eat the pine's off the tree's the bear's eat the fish in the river west of the picture

external image Taiga_of_Far_East_near_Imeni_Poliny_Osipenko_village%2C_Khabarovsk_Krai.jpgthis is that river the bears come here in the morning noon and night for the fish sometimes if they cant find or cach any fish they will eat the deer but that is very rarly the deer our found deep in the land they eat the berry's then sometime's bring it back feed there kids the deer only come out when its a nice day. durnig the day most of the calm animals are out for food water and reasours for them,family,or baby's. when in the night the dangerous animal's like snakes, cyote's , wolves are out they can eat take and kill what they want to survive